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Red Red Meat
Red Red Meat
Shuffled from the deck of the Chicago folk-punk outfit Friends of Betty in 1990, the modern blues balladeers of Red Red Meat would provide a stunning counterpoint to the windy city's popular Material Issue/Urge Overkill glam-informed swagger. Tim Rutili (vocals, guitars) and Glynis Johnson (bass, vocals), both of founding members of Friends of Betty, along with new recruits Brian Deck (drums) and Crows guitarist Glenn Girard, released their first single, Snowball, in 1991. Internal conflict and personal struggles were already cropping up and threatening to implode the young band as they recorded their eponymous debut LP in 1992. Released on their own Perishable records imprint, the album was a healthy slab of Stones-inspired roots rock and it helped the band to procure steady gigs, as well as heighten their profile in the chaotic, Nirvana-incited underground feeding frenzy of the early '90s.
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